Mike Burrell, Jr.

"Hello world." My name is Mike Burrell, Jr.

Q. Mike, what is your biggest asset?

A. My advanced problem solving abilities are my biggest assets. My educational background in business, along with my real world technical experience, gives me a unique perspective regarding problems and the ability to solve them. I understand that there is a solution to every problem. While I may not always have the answer, I am confident that I am able to utilize the resources around me to come up with a successful solution.

Q. So, you're a business guy, but can you code?

A. <?php
echo "Yes. I'm a PHP 5.3 Zend Certified Engineer";
I'm always looking to expand on my diverse arsenal of skill sets. Give me a nerdy computer book, and I will consume it with pleasure. From writing valid XHTML to dominating jQuery to kicking PHP's ass, I'm your guy. My technical experience gives me a unique ability to successfully bridge IT and management.

Q. Sweet. Where do we sign-up?

A. My cell phone is always on. (650) 561-6009
I look forward to talking with you.

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